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How to install a kitchen

Step 1: Measure the wall(s) where unit needs to be installed.

Measure the (a)height and (b)length of the wall remember to add in all constrains(doors, windows etc) (How to measure up a kitchen)

Step2:Decide on your layout.
  • Kitchen units:
  • Things to remember:
  • (a)100mm+ ceiling filler
  • (b)70mm+ light shied
  • (c) 160mm+ plinth
Step3:Contact us
  • Supply us with all the info above.
  • We will supply you with a comprehensive cutting list and hardware list.

Step3:Materials arrive
  • Units assembled for you by one of our professional installers.
  • Mark out wall cleat 160mm from floor(back support for floor units).
  • Install back cleat using nail in anchors recommended size 8x80.Extremely crucial that wall cleat is 100% level

Step 4:Install assembled units
  • Important: always start installing corner cabinets.
  • Adjust plastic legs until unit is vertically and horizontally level. Mount unit to the wall using 8x80 nail in anchors.

Step5: Finish installing floor units
  • Attach units together through sides using 30x6 chipboard screws
  • (Tip: Attach units together by screwing just above shelve stud and behind hinge plate therefore hiding any screw marks)
  • Mount unit to wall
  • Continue process until final unit is installed

Step 6: Mount wall units
  • Important: always start by installing corner cabinets
  • Leave a 500mm gap between top of floor units and bottom of wall units.
  • Make sure unit is vertically and horizontally level before mounting unit to the wall using 8x80 nail in anchors
  • Continue process until final unit is installed
  • (Tip: Fit a drawer box on top of floor unit to support wall unit as drawer box is 500mm in length.)

Step 7:Fit fly shelve over sink and oven area
  • (how to fit fly shelve)

Step8:Fit ceiling filler/,ight shield and plinth.
  • (how to fit ceiling filler)
  • (how to fit light shield)
  • (how to fit plinth)

Step9:Fit counter tops and make necessary cutouts.
  • (how to fit counter tops)
  • (how to make a cut out for a sink)
  • (how to seal a counter top)
  • (how to make a cutout for a hob)

Step 10:Finishing off the kitchen.
  • Fit doors/drawer Fronts
  • Fit handles
  • Fit appliances
  • (how to hang a door)
  • (how to fit a drawer front)
  • (how to measure and fit a handle)