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How to fit counter tops

Step 1: Decide the layout of the countertops

Step2:Fit sink counter top
  • Using the side of the sink unit as a square reference point.
  • 1. Take the measurement at the back of the unit from the wall up to the reference point. Repeat process for the front.
  • 2. Take the measurement at the back of the unit from the reference point up to the supporting panel.
  • 3. Transfer dimensions to the bottom of the counter top.

Step3:Mark cutout for sink
  • 1. Use the sink as a template. Mark sink using a pencil, marker etc.
  • 2. Make sure that the sink is center to the counter top.
  • 3. Make sure that the center of the double bowls is inline with the mixer.

Step4:Make the cutout for the sink
  • 1. Transfer the lines made from the sink inwards by at least 10 mm.
  • 2. Using a 19mm spade bit drill in each corner.
  • 3. Using a Festool Plunge saw cut from corner to corner. Do not cut past drilled holes.

Step5: Make sure sink fits and continue fitting the rest of the tops
  • Fit island counter top
  • Fit hob counter top

Step6: Make the cutout for the hob
  • 1. Get the center of the 600mm oven unit
  • 2. Transfer the mark from the unit to the counter top using a marker and a combination square.
  • 3. Mark out the hob using it as a template.
  • 4. Make sure that the hob is center to the top and the oven unit
  • 5. Cutout marked area using the same process as the sink cutout.

Step7: sealing of counter tops
  • Seall al counter tops using clear silicone.
  • Areas to be sealed:
    • 1. back edge of counter top
    • 2. all cutouts
    • 3. all edges against walls.
  • Do not silicone exposed edges as they will be be finished off using the formica strip.

Step8: Fitting post form jointer
  • First apply silicone to both surfaces.
  • Attach jointers to hob counter top using screws provided.
  • Important: Make sure straight edge of jointer is attached to counter top.

Step9: Fastening of counter tops
  • Attach counter tops to units by screwing 30x6 chipboard screws through the front and back cleats of the units.
  • Important: Make sure the distance between the edge of the unit and the front of the counter top is the same throughout the kitchen before fastening counter tops.

Step11: Fitting formica edges
  • Apply contact adhesive to formica strip as well as the exposed edge of counter top.
  • Apply atleast 2 coats.
  • Once both surfaces are completely dry attach strip to countertop.
  • Using a file to finish of edge.

Step12: Cleaning of counter tops
  • Clean the counter tops using a mutton cloth and thinners.